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Knock It Out!

Four contenders compete for the best prize of all—their health, and a set of fantastic prizes, including a trip for 2 to and overseas spa, a year of personal training, and nautilus equipment. Over the next six months, each will compete to lose the greatest percentage of body fat.

And they need your help. Here’s all you need to do.

  • Watch the show
  • Choose a contender to sponsor
  • Send in your weight loss tip or recipe
  • If they choose yours, everyone will vote on it to see who wins these great prizes

Go for it! Send in your video or written idea by clicking here. And click here to see a list of winners selected so far.

Meet the Trainers

Knock Out the Fat hosts Michael Feigin and Lawson Harris are a husband-and-wife team that bring a combined 40 years of experience in health and fitness.

Get in on the Fun

Over six episodes our four contenders try to knock out the fat, literally. They get real about their health—trying to exercise more and make changes in their eating and cooking habits necessary to get down to their ideal weight, and moreover begin a true step toward an ongoing healthy lifestyle. With the help of our fitness experts, Michael Feigin and Lawson Harris, and viewers who can upload supportive videos and messages to the contenders, we’ll see what happens when these four knock out the fat. Follow the action on the Knock Out the Fat blog. Submit a video with tips and encouragement for your favorite contender or vote on the best ideas of other viewers.


Weight Lost:
46 lbs lost; 9 lbs to go.
Weight Lost:
31 lbs lost; 19 lbs to go.
Weight Lost:
36 lbs lost; 43 lbs to go.
Weight Lost:
26 lbs lost; 19 lbs to go.
Caprice Caprice
Start Weight: 275 lbs.
Goal Weight: 220 lbs.

Age: 33
Home: Inwood, NY
Occupation: Opera Singer and Mom

Caprice, 33, is an opera singer and stay-at-home mom living in the Inwood area of Manhattan, New York. At 275 pounds, she is trying to lose her pregnancy weight in time for audition season this October. As a contestant on the ‘Knock Out the Fat with George’ Web show, Caprice aims to reach her goal weight of 220 pounds.

A native of Sacramento, California, Caprice is personable and can easily relate to other new moms looking to find safe and healthy ways to lose post-pregnancy weight. She loves to cook for herself and her family – from gourmet multi-course meals to simple Mexican dishes. Despite finding herself challenged with finding healthy, affordable recipes, Caprice is determined to lose the weight and looks forward to getting back into shape and being her ‘old fit self’ again.

Derek Derek
Start Weight: 266 lbs.
Goal Weight: 216 lbs.

Age: 40
Home: Jersey City, NJ
Occupation: Flight Attendant

Derek, 40, is a flight attendant and lives in New Jersey. Formerly in the entertainment industry in New Orleans, Derek is vivacious, competitive and determined. Although no longer heavily involved in the industry, Derek has maintained his captivating stage presence that will certainly grab the attention of viewers.

Currently 266 pounds, Derek would like to lose 50 pounds on the ‘Knock Out the Fat with George’ Web show. He loves to cook for both himself and his roommate and is eager to try new recipes that will help him move towards his goal of losing weight.

Troy Troy
Start Weight: 259 lbs.
Goal Weight: 180 lbs.

Age: 22
Home: Goffstow, NH
Occupation: Paralegal

Troy, 22, is a paralegal for a law firm in Boston, Massachusetts, who also promotes the Boston Celtics basketball team as part of the Green Team, a group dedicated to giving fans a fun experience before and during the games. Troy had been an athlete his entire life until he injured his knee while playing Division II basketball at Southern New Hampshire University.

Currently at 259 pounds, Troy is determined to reach his goal weight of 180 pounds as a contestant on the ‘Knock Out the Fat with George’ Web show. A recent college graduate, Troy is highly motivated, determined and at the mercy of a large fan base of family and friends. His future aspirations include attending graduate school and getting back into the shape he was in while playing competitive sports.

Yannick Yannick
Start Weight: 195 lbs.
Goal Weight: 150 lbs.

Age: 28
Home: Wayne, NJ
Occupation: Adjunct Professor

Yannick, 28, is a residence hall director for William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. She also is an adjunct professor at William Paterson University and Montclair State University. Yannick lives on campus and is responsible for two residence halls.

Yannick is currently 195 pounds and aspires to reach her goal weight of 150 pounds in time for her 10-year high school reunion this fall. Yannick’s funny and highly competitive personality makes her the contestant to beat in the ‘Knock Out the Fat with George’ Web show. An aspiring stand up comedienne, Yannick will surely add some humor to the mix of contestants. Yannick plans to involve both her students and residents at her university in her daily activities and expose them to the grill program for added support.